Do you need to improve your bottom line, minimize your losses, retain your valuable clients and hence create an enduring business with sustainable revenue growth?

Our core sectors of expertise are Credit Management, Money and Debt Advice,Debt Collection-B2B, Court Enforcement & Taking Control of Goods


This is a snapshot of what we do.

What can we do for you?

Debt Recovery-B2B

Start or continue this process with Excel for clearer action plans & enhanced achievements.

Document Serving

Sometimes getting closer to your debts been paid is all in the delivery of the right documents to the right people at the right time. Excel can show you how!

Locations-Skip Tracing

Debtors unreachable? Moved locations without informing you? Maybe, left the country? Excel can still help you get paid.

Field Calls-Door Knocks

'Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.' Do what is core to your business & let Excel do this for you


Where do you start finding out where it all went wrong (credit management wise)? Excel has the insight & experience to guide you.

Searches-Trade References

Before a debtor is a debtor, that is the time to know them. After all prevention is better than cure. Excel can guide creation or improvement of your customised solution.

Commercial Litigation

The law exists for your benefit. Use it early enough to improve your cash flow. Excel can guide you on how best to go about it.

Receivables Management

By creating or improving your receivables management process, from debtors’ creation to active monitoring of debts, Excel can guide you


We compliment your credit department by acting as an extension and operating part of your collection team. We pride ourselves in early collection of business to business debts, using bespoke lettering and efficient set up, with the sole purpose of securing settlement of your rightful dues; on time, most of the time.

 We have extensive contacts, locally and beyond borders, and field expertise that guarantees your cash flow will be maximized, your valued clients not only retained but also enlightened and less likely to default in the future.

“No man’s credit is as good as his money.”-E.W. Howe

Since our inception, we have been totally focused on building a strategic debt collection practice.

Quality is core to our performance. We understand the needs & requirements of today’s credit market and operate to strict Service Level Agreements across all activities, delivering effective solutions in a brand sensitive manner. We believe our service provision, innovative pricing and performance make us the most competitive credit control & debt collection solutions provider locally and beyond borders.

“Promises make debt, and debt makes promises.”-Dutch Proverb


Our prime objective is to have systems and processes at your offices, for accounts receivable, strengthened using globally accepted credit management attributes as continually updated by CICM (UK), ACP (UK) & NACM (USA) in accordance with changing legislation, economic cycles and most importantly: Elusive Debtors!

We collect delinquent debts using a mixture of letters, telephone calls, faxes, emails as well as quality field interventions. Litigation, which should always be regarded as the last resort, would only be considered and undertaken after due consultations with you.

We help our clients minimize the impact of bad debt provisioning and the product of profit and loss by delivering a range of effective quality interventions. 


No collection, no fee should surely mean exactly that. It therefore makes good financial sense for you to ask us to collect your accounts receivable especially when you consider that we won’t charge you if we don’t collect your money from your clients. Our debt collection charges are a percentage of the total amount due to you and payable to us ONLY when we collect your rightful dues.


•Improve your cash flow by 30% using effective collections processes based on prudent and globally accepted credit management practices

•Reduce past due and interest on borrowings by 40% & query volumes by 85%

•Reduce collection period (also known as DSO) by 30%

•Significantly improve your client experience and satisfaction

•Achieve and exceed your goal of revenue generation and collection


•Effective lettering

•Telephone penetration uplifts

•Marketing & Communications

•Well managed online & field operations

•Value added trace

•Payments through secure and trusted bankers


Below are some hot tips & some cold hard facts to help you improve your credit management.
If symptoms of weak credit management are apparent or persist after implementing the below, please contact Excel Credit for further assistance..



There will be times when you will encounter overdue accounts. And you know too well that bad debtors can significantly impact your business. Achieving business growth becomes more difficult and your profits become eroded.



A credit control policy defines the Credit Management function and outlines its objectives, scope and responsibilities i.e.
credit Assessment and the granting of credit limits, collections processes,



For any firm that allows its buyers to finance their purchase, credit management is an important operation, as it impacts massively on cash flow and the amount of available capital. A credit manager is therefore vital & it pays to employ a specialist



CRBs help creditors /lenders make faster and more accurate credit decisions. They collect, manage and disseminate customer information to lenders within a provided regulatory framework.


We believe our service provision, innovative pricing and performance make us the most competitive credit control & debt collection solutions provider locally and beyond borders. 

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